Our First Christmas in our Motorhome

My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas.  The bright colors, smells, and festive atmosphere everywhere feels magical.  In the past, we have always lived in a place that has the potential for snow on the 25th. The beautiful white stuff adds an extra level of excitement to the holiday.  This year we celebrated Christmas in Florida.  No chance of snow, but it still was Christmas.  We wanted to share with you a little sample of what Christmas in our tiny home on the road looked like this year.

Previous years we had a big tree covered in airplane ornaments, lights hung inside and out, and Christmas music playing as much as possible.  This year in our small space away from “home” we tried to make it as festive and fun as possible.  We hung Christmas lights all around our main room and the windshield.  The colorful glow of Christmas lights always makes me feel happy.  At the campground craft fair, we picked up a mini Christmas tree with shell ornaments made by one of our neighbors.  It wasn’t quite the same as usual, but still felt like Christmas and fit our area nicely.


We tried to do a few things that we were not normally part of our holiday routine to add more flair.  We polished our paper cutting skills and made some snowflakes to decorate our windshield.  In doing this, we brought a bit of snow to Florida.  We always have good intentions of doing gingerbread houses, but they typically don’t get done.  This year we actually completed them.  The kids were old enough to really enjoy it and get into the process of creating the houses.


Even though our Christmas was different from what we were used to, we enjoyed it just as much.  On Christmas Eve we were able to host a friend and fellow pilot.  He was working and stuck overnight in a hotel nearby.  On Christmas Day, we were able to spend time with family members in Tampa that we rarely get to see.  So, even though things were not typical, it was a nice change and felt just as special.

And finally, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without cookies.  For quite a few years now, we have spent a day at church baking and making plates of cookies for shut-ins.  We were not able to participate this year, but came up with a new idea to take it’s place.  This campground has many other residents who are away from their family too.  Also, RV’s with their small kitchens and tiny ovens, are not exactly the easiest to bake in.  This may discourage people from even trying.  Challenge accepted.   What normally would have taken us one day, ended up taking 3 days.  Our plan worked and we managed to get several kinds of cookies made.  We boxed them up, loaded them in our little wagon and  delivered them to all of our new-found friends.  This little gesture seemed to make others happy.  I hope we can find ways to do more little gestures like this throughout our travels.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to see how good it feels to give and anyone can do it.  We received an unexpected gift back from one of our friends on Christmas morning when she showed up with homemade cinnamon rolls for us.  Another friend delivered some hand made scrubbers.  Thank you if you’re reading this!  Christmas seems to be so commercialized now.  Gift giving can sometimes be about doing your duty, checking the gift delivered box and not necessarily about giving a well-thought-out gift.  The act of giving cookies and receiving the gift of breakfast on Christmas morning captured the true spirit of gift giving.  The most expensive gift, is not necessarily the best gift.  These small acts of kindness that we received are one of my best memories from our Christmas on the road.


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